our story

In the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, on the Tugaloo Terrane, Spruce Pine is home to one of the richest deposits of gems and minerals in the world. Our glass contains locally sourced silica and our designs are always inspired by the beauty of our Blue Ridge Mountain home.

Founded by Colin O'Reilly in 2016, Terrane Glass set up shop. After working as a glassblower all over the country, Colin moved his small family to Spruce Pine, NC where they have made a home. Colin has been recognized for his elegant and unique designs, he specializes in functional hand-blown glass and is drawn to meticulous and skillful simplicity that mimics the region's beauty and deeply rooted history of handmade craftsmanship. Our products are sophisticated but designed to be functional and ergonomic. It looks exquisite on your shelf and feels exquisite in your hand.